AR-ES5890 Intel Core 2 Duo Embedded System

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AR-ES5890 is a product used mainly for ticket control, navigation, advertising, and
fleet management applications. However, AR-ES5890 can satisfy users’ requirements in any application environment. AR-ES5890 has diverse physical interfaces on the front panel, such as a VGA port, audio output, 10/100Mbps LAN connectors, USB ports, DVI-D port, power switch, external switch jack and PCI slot. The system provides the capacity to extend the I/O device by adding an SO-DIMM DDR3 pr CF card depending on the user’s needs.

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1. Support Intel Core 2 Duo/ Core Duo/ Celeron M
2. Support Dual Channel DDR3 up to 8GB
3. VGA / DVI / LVDS / TV-Out / HDMI / Second VGA
4. 6 x COM, 9 x USB2.0
5. PCI & PCI Express x16 Expansion
6. Remote Power Switch Jack

7.1GB RAM on board,Non CPU



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