AR-ES0831FL Fanless & Dustproof Embedded System

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Fanless & Dustproof Pentium M 1.5G Hz, 512MB DDR, Embedded System


1.Fanless & Dustproof

2.Supports Pentium M or Celeron M up to 1.8G Hz

3.LVDS and VGA ouputs support Dual Independent Display

4.Dual Lan and 4 Serial ports

5.Anti-Shuck 2.5″ HDD Mounting Kit

6.Optional DC 9V to 32V Power Input

7.Celeron M 600M CPU,512 MB RAM(9)

8.Celeron M320 1.3G CPU,512 MB RAM(1)

9.Celeron M370 1.5G CPU,512MB RAM(4)

10.Pentium M745n1.8G CPU,512MB RAM(2)




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